The first School for Baristas in the Capital of Rome



Master Espresso project is dedicated to all those that wish to exercise the Barista’s profession with professionalism, expertise and creativity. Skilled professionals as well as high qualified academics will guide you through the fascinating world of coffee with the scope of knowing the secrets and enjoy all potentialities.

The first school for Baristas in the Capital of Rome - Master Espresso aims to train professionals in the field of hospitality with the end of spreading the culture of Espresso of quality. Because knowledge and professionalism are at the basis of success in every commercial sector.

Profession: “Chef of Coffee”- At the end of the course you will know everything on places as well as techniques of growing different varieties of coffee and you will know how to recognize them at taste. You will be able to manage all technical equipments and surprise your customers with fancy decorations on “cappuccinos” and innovating hot and cold coffe preparations .

The 5 rules

A cup of Italian Espresso with its harmonic taste, rich and full-bodied aroma is always the result of skillful combination, that is to say of the coffee "blend" combined from different origins. Gima Caffè pays much attention to this operational phase.

It is one of the most delicate phases during the preparation of Espresso, that is why it is important to pay attention to the grinder. The ideal grind is what allows you to get 25-30 ml of coffee in 25-30 seconds, then a ml per second.

The Espresso is made with boiling water in order to BREW the coffee powder. The novelty introduced by the Espresso was the water infusion pressure, higher than atmospheric pressure (atm 9 current machines), but with a temperature below 100 degrees.

As important as the choice of the blend, maintenance sums up in itself the meanings of the other M. Espresso machine cleaning by lime deposits is recommended a couple of times a week and if not made it is going to substantially affect the coffee.

For an excellent result in the Cup, it is crucial the contribution given by the Barista, with his skill and experience. The Professional Barista's Handbook is represented by the choice of the right blend, the care of the coffee grind, the correct maintenance of the coffee machines and the right extraction of coffee.

Gima Caffè constantly pursues a certification regime that guarantees a company standard of high quality level.