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the origin of our green coffee


The history of Gima Caffè, cannot be summarized if not starting from the passion that has marked the beginning of its route. The ability and attention to create a rare and unique aroma, were the basic ingredients of this success.

The 3 G of coffee


as love and wisdom of those who cultivate this gift of the land.


like the energy, warmth and strenght that this extraordinary product gives to us.


like us, that with passion, commitment and attention, we make the difference!

Prodotti professionali per Bar


The unmistakable Gima Caffe’ aroma, finally in your own home.

MAGICAP, is the new capsule line compatible with Nespresso machines, thought in four different varieties: Minuetto, Vivace, Allegro and Adagio.

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Master Espresso

An ambitious teaching project, founded with the aim of training professional in the HO.RE.CA sector, to the culture of quality Espresso. Our qualified teachers will guid you to the knowledge of secrets for preparing an excellent coffee.

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Gima Caffè constantly pursues a certification regime that guarantees a company standard of high quality level.